Postpartum New Mom Yoga Program

Postpartum New Mom Yoga Program

Fertility is the bounden duty of women, but postpartum obesity is a concern of many female friends during pregnancy. How to prevent postpartum obesity?

Yoga can help you do this, yoga can keep you healthy, and it will make you overweight immediately, let’s take a look at postpartum women’s yoga slimming method.

  Postpartum mothers Young mothers knowing that birth will affect their body shape and still link their responsibilities without complaint.

Moreover, the postpartum lactation period is a dangerous period for women’s “fat”, which is characterized by obesity in the shoulders and thighs.

The reason for this is to be lazy in other activities in order to care for the newborn; substitution is a substitute for excess nutrition.

According to statistics, 36% of obese women begin to gain weight after giving birth.

Therefore, it’s time for the new mother to think about how to recover.

  Star recommendation: Long-distance running mentions that the post-partum body recovers quickly, and the star mother Sun Yue deserves it.

Persistent for 1 month and lost 25 pounds!

Sun Yue said proudly, and now she has basically recovered to her prenatal body.

  Expert recommendation: Acupuncture experts said that new mothers can choose post-natal acupuncture conditioning therapy to restore their body shape. Through appropriate stimulation on the human meridian and acupuncture points, mobilize their own meridian potential, adjust hormone disorders, improve endocrine disorders, and relieve liver and depression.Develop blood to regulate menstruation, strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and nourish yin, and restore the balance of the human body’s internal environment.

  Weight gaining mom 31 years old?
The 40-year-old is the easiest stage for women to walk. Life is stable and prosperous. As the child grows up, excess meat gradually accumulates.

At this time, the metabolism rate of the human body gradually decreases, and even if the number of diets does not change, the possibility of getting well may increase.

In particular, many women let the elderly or nanny help to bring their children after giving birth. The burden of housework is not heavy. During pregnancy, the aunt accumulated in the month has no place to consume, and it is not difficult to understand how the body is getting better.

  Celebrity recommendation: The host of Yoga Blue Heart Maein learned the yoga pose from his girlfriend Lulu. The body line “clear” a lot. She smiled and said, “Sometimes I accidentally discovered that I don’t wear underwear, but some quicklySymptoms and symptoms are exacerbated, but after practicing yoga, the figure is obviously younger.

“She said that when pressure hurts, practicing yoga and meditation can effectively control her emotions.

  Fat mothers are middle-aged, lack of exercise and poor metabolism, and women will become middle-aged.

At this time, the female body’s estrogen secretion decreases, and the adult will change the storage path and accumulate more in the upper body and waistline.

Middle-aged women are prone to heart disease and cancer due to excessive visceral accumulation.

Therefore, for the sake of health, women in high-risk periods should be in shape.

  Celebrity recommendation: In order to maintain aerobic gymnastics, it is best to choose the sport that interests you most.

Zhao Yazhi, a slim “familiar” woman, said she would do 3 every week?
4 times aerobic gymnastics, this process is often completed while watching the news, so I don’t feel tired.

Zhao Yazhi said that paying attention to diet and maintaining proper exercise can completely achieve weight loss.

  Experts recommend: eat less and eat more during this period, physical activity is reduced, if you continue to maintain the youthful appetite, it will inevitably lead to excess conversion into lipid deposition in the body.

Therefore, to adopt a strategy of eating less and eating more, always make yourself feel pain, even if you love to eat, you must restrain and eat less.

  As beautiful as a child!

This is the declaration of all mothers. The new practice method can be said to be a strong support for the declaration. If you are a new mother, if you still want to restore the dazzling and beautiful body as before, stick to practicing yoga.