Tiantong Technology Park officially opened the "return to the sky" occupational imbalance problem

"Hui Tian" production city integration development summit and Tiantong Science and Technology Park opened on September 17, with the theme of "Qi Xin Tian Tongyuan, New Future New Future". The event released the "Tiantongyuan Industry Development White Paper". "White Paper" pointed out that Haidian, Chaoyang and other mature regional industries have brought new opportunities for Tiantongyuan development.

In the region, the technology service industry accounts for 70%, but Tiantongyuan region still has certain lack of infrastructure and industrial space, and resolving occupational balances is the urgent need for government and residents.

Tiantong Technology Park aims to crack this problem. Wang Wei, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Changping Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd., Tiantong Science and Technology Park is a collection of occupancy, commercial support, talent apartment, shared business supporting occupational balance exemplary park, with an overall capacity of 200,000 square meters, divided into three Retrofit upgrade.

In order to solve the core employment problems in the inability of the occupational in Tiantongyuan region, focus on 50-1000 square meters of hardcover office space, also prepare for the company, business multi-function hall, sharing live broadcast, mini warehouse, employee canteen and other product portfolios . At the same time, there are 2400 sets of talent apartments and cafes, gym, and cultural centers. "Tiantong Science and Technology Park is a project that is practicing ‘return to the day action plan’, and it is also a deep practice of" Teng Chan for Bird ". At present, there have been more than 50 quality companies, new entertainment, and new consumer industry ecology have been initially formed. "The project leader Jinming introduced that the new cultivation of Tiantong Science and Technology Park, the new consumer industry ecology is not only limited to the high-quality enterprises in the vertical field, and the promotion of the service platform of the planning industry in the early stage of investment, such as introducing well-known digital ecology Operators – Internet Stars, jointly build the first beauty live broadcast base in Changping District; join hands with domestic leading logistics service suppliers – Jingdong logistics, build public service platforms such as Jingdong Logistics Innovation Service Center.

According to reports, after the total scale of about 200,000 square meters, Tiantong Science and Technology Park has been completed, and nearly 10,000 people around the service, the extension of regional industries and talent resources, release industrial vitality, and promote regional industrial structure.

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