“Daylily,Don’t think it’s too beautiful!I want to hear you explain something……”

“What do you want to call,Whatever you call it,Anyway, Huang Haoran is in love with you,Does this need to be explained??”
“Come on,Talk business,The Flower Army is you‘Huofeng Liaoyuan’Of?”Golden Rose can’t stand the big nympho opposite,Directly throws the problem。
“Flower and grass?Legion?never heard of that……”
“Where’s Master Luban?”
“beauty,Do you want to ask me to watch a romantic historical drama?,I thought you were going to play King Pesticide with me……”
“Daylily,Insignificant!Answer questions honestly when I ask you!”
“Hehe,How dare I be recognized by your national uniform glory gun league‘First female player’Lie!”Huang Haoran on the other end of the phone smiled。
“what?!Hang up for me?The temper is really warm,Haven’t said where to go on a date yet……”Huang Haoran regrets。
“Wait……She said Master Luban is an online cardBUGWhich player of it?I didn’t think it attracted the attention of professional teams……”
Huang Haoran,As the Phoenix(PHX)Scout,Known as the first scout in the national service,At the same time, it is also the tenth ranked player in the national service glory gun league rating legendary player。
He has a lazy and casual personality,Used to flying at low altitude。
such as,As one of the few college students,He got stuck exactly in almost every subject60Location,Is a typical rich and powerful,People who don’t know how to make progress。
Even the mantra,“Tried my best,Tried my best!”“no more, no less,Just used!”“Buddha bless,Let me pass!”“How to be a human,The most important thing is proportion!”“Hehe,A little more is wasted!”Words like。
Different from Gandhi,The reputation and title of yin and yang polarization,Huang Haoran is much more stable,“Proper brother”“Passing Emperor”“Daylily”And so on are three words,It seems that one more word is a waste,One less word can’t describe his game style。
The reason why Golden Rose called him“Daylily”,Because there used to be a double row match,Huang Haoran as a scout,Because of the delay in reporting the location of the smoke screen,Drag the game very slowly,When the game is over,The rape blossoms in a field on the map are blooming,Covered the whole map with golden,Broke“Xishui Town”Game time record of the map,Let players all over the world see the hidden easter eggs in the game。
“You knew there would be this easter egg, right??”The golden rose sitting by the stream in the sunset asked。
“Of course I want to invite you to watch this charming scenery!how about it,The blooming scenery is beautiful, right?”