When the Chu Deirers are rushing out,I have entered the Jinxian,At this time, it is the original place.“Essay”,The style is changed,,Attack is more sharp!

“Small dragon turtle”Sixty-four kinds of strength,As the Chu Deirens make a single bloom,Or finish or claw、Or palm or punch,Lianlian-lian……
But the two will retreat,Chu Deiren seems to be large,Real 则 利 得 得 轻 轻 轻 轻,In addition to starting a few steps,Slightly messy,Have a steady foot。
Although it is connected to the back,But it seems like shaking the graceful dance step,Especially in the middle,When passing the yarn faded before passing,Patty、After that, the whole person is indented.。
Waiting until two people attack on a broken door,Promenade is already from the original exposure.,Changed to a half-mask,White long-sleeved yarn outside……
At this time, Xiu has also recognized the people.,The heart is also 忿忿——Mainly for God Hou!
It’s not that this Chu defender is not a person who protects the dragon.,Is it good to discuss it??
Dog godhou is very bad,I actually ambushed me one hand.?Don’t want to extract me?
Hypothesis,But I understand that it is not distracted now.……
His martial art is not higher than Wu Pong,The main cultivation is the secret of the Royal Royal Royalu.,So the means secret,Joadic his Fusan prince identity,So can wear Wu Pong!
Although the Chu Deirers can’t say that it is stable on him.,But the two are at least five five,It’s enough to threaten him。
I saw that the two hit the house from the house.,I have always been a Chu Deirers to attack,Holidays are delayed“Dance”In dodge……
Chu Deirers always feel that this scene is very familiar,It’s just that you are all evaded.!
Before hiding“Swim”True incense,Now、dodge,Suddenly I think this is a despicable tactics.。
“It’s a man who is coming.!”Chu Deee。
“hehe,Do you say that it is a man??”The sound of flexible levy seems to be a general,Inclusions together。
Said that the long sleeves of the gauze,Picked up。
Chu Deirens only feel a hot air,Can’t help but feel a chaotic,But at this time“Great Shengzhen”Turn around,The heart is re-doubled。
Golden feelings,From the dream of the dream“Fairy”Start,Give the heart to the heart,Don’t avoid my heart,At the same time, it also has resistance to abnormal hearts.,After the fusion“Big holy”is also like this!
Just in this idea,Chu Deman’s arms,It is actually a flexible show in the same way.,Pierce,It’s like two white pyrots.,Wrap the Chu Deirers。
Hypothesis just pulled the direction,Chu Dee’s eyes are also true,Quickly recover awake。
Once to the action of flexible,Chu Deirens are stable,At the same time, go back,Two people are three feet in one time,With this long yarn sleeves,Firmness。
This white water skirt is clearly special,It seems that it is not tired,But not only can you reach a few long instantly,And with the strength of the two first-class peak master,It is actually unbearable.!
It’s no wonder that when I was just hit by Chu Deirers.,Macity show immediately puts the clothes……
See you pulling it,Chu Deeng hands,着 袖 向,Silenth,Suddenly an invisible suction。
Not only coming to pull the fake levy“Last straw”,At the same time, the fake wise,There is also a stub that it feels,Can’t help but feel weak。
I saw the flexible show in a time, slowly slipped to the Chu Deirers.……
However, just before I really have to come into contact.,Chu Deirers suddenly changed,One side made a demolition,Unlock the sleeves on your arm,One side has stimulated a pre-prepared“Small dragon turtle”!
Suddenly,Condensing three pairs of real air arms,It is like the shape of the eight arm,Each“arm”Various derivatization of its own changes,Eight-eight-phase gossip power,As eight arms come to the swing,Popularize the flexible levy。
However, Chu Deirers a meal“Oras”Be refreshing,But……But the more I feel that the power is lacking.!
Wait until a set,I saw that the Chu Deiren flew out two feet away.,Just a yarn?
Chu Deirers——Even if yourself,Not aware of the performance,But I am a big living person.、Even is being being“Oras”Big living,It turns out instantly,This hard work is indeed as strange as the original!
It is not a big meaning of the Chu Deirers.,But sucking to the last got、The moment that has already been exposed to,Have a hand……
This magical is too strange,A big man practiced as a woman,If the Chu Deirers are just《Plastic star Dafa》、《Northern God》That dares to suck,However“Stolen”,But from《Dafa》Coming,Will put each other’s martial arts、Even the meridians!
Although it is the body of Jinxian,But Chu Deirers did not dare to bet,After absolute,Will you have something bad about yourself?。
Chu Detent《Evil spirits》、《Sunflower》,Big can be fused,See if it is decided to be equipped,Direct“Suck”Come over can choose……
Just in the dressed clothes staring at the landing,At the same time、Listening is also alert-wing,Suddenly a buzz。