Wright opens his backpack to view,There are a lot of supplies inside the backpack。Wright looked,Which is installed in the glass tube,It is an antidote to most of the toxicity of Sunset Mountains、Bundled together are hooks and ropes used to assist climbing、The oily paper bag is filled with dry Warcraft feces、The deworming medicine is placed in a small metal can,There are also some emergency medicines,The security is neatly divided into categories。

Double check,Lai nodded,Very satisfactory answer:“Yes,Really what i want,The cost is deducted from the card。correct,I still need you to help me find someone I can trust,A senior adventurer who adventures in the Sunset Mountains all year round,Explain to me the things I need to pay attention to in the sunset mountains,When will this be done!”
“Master Wright,There are not many senior adventurers that we can trust in the Geer Chamber of Commerce,Most are now adventuring in the Sunset Mountains,Only three people can be notified,The fastest one,Only the day after tomorrow can I reach the hometown city。”Manager Fes as the second-level manager of the Nagel Chamber of Commerce in Homecoming City,In the entire Geer Chamber of Commerce, it is also considered middle level,Naturally also have their own connections,Of course even if not,Use some intelligence relations of the Chamber of Commerce,It’s easy to find people who are attached to the Chamber of Commerce。
“As for the cost of purchasing items,As a guest of honor as Master Wright,These fees are completely waived。”
Wright thought for a while,Still nodded,“Then thank Faith for the job,As for asking a senior adventurer about this,Then I’ll just wait for your chamber of commerce to arrange,You can set the specific time?Can you find where i live!”
The steward of the Chamber of Commerce grinned,“Master Wright, rest assured,In Hometown,Unless deliberately hidden,Otherwise, our Geer Chamber of Commerce will definitely be able to find you,In fact, you can also live directly in the Geer Hotel of our Chamber of Commerce,Very close to here,And if you have any needs, you can directly ask the people in the hotel to arrange。”
Wright considers one or two,Still an excuse to be familiar with the environment of returning home,Rejected the kindness of Fez’s steward。Although Wright doesn’t think the other party will have any bad thoughts,But this way of completely treating myself as a young master still makes myself a little uncomfortable。
Take a stroll in the hometown,By the way, I scared a thief who didn’t have long eyes,Wright found a hotel that looked rather quiet,I spent a deposit of twenty gold coins and moved in——In the important place of Guixiang City,The price is indeed more than three cents more expensive than the imperial capital,Wright almost never regretted staying at the Geer Hotel。
Of course the small hotel is quiet,Conditions are also fair,But Wright can adapt,Whether it’s been a teenager with the boulder mercenary group, it took almost half a year to rush from the north to the imperial capital,Or this time it took two months to rush from the imperial capital to the homecoming city,The conditions on the road are only worse than this hotel。Besides, Wright is now a fifth-level fighter,Physical adaptation is still very good。
Wright rarely slept in the next day,Wandering in the streets of Hometown after getting up。
Compared to the students in the academy,Discussing magic and love。Luxury and prosperity in the business district of the Imperial Capital,The scene of the hometown is a different style。An endless stream of caravans,Whether it is a merchant or mercenary guards。Compared to the merchants in the Imperial Capital,These merchants seem to be more urgent,More pragmatic。
And the adventurers in and out of the two Jedi,See one occasionally,Most of them are full of evil spirits,The first thing after returning to the hometown is to drink in the tavern,Or find a prostitute,Wash the tyrannical mood of fighting with Warcraft in the Jedi。And a large number of adventurers and mercenaries gathered together,Natural and frequent vicious events,Wright only walked half a circle in the morning,I saw three violent incidents of city guards intervening。Wright returns to the hotel in the afternoon,Start practicing as usual。
third chapter Old friend