Wang Lin and Xia Jian worked together for so long,Naturally, I know Xia Jian’s temperament very well,So a few words down,So I talked about Xia Jian’s heart。He opened the button in his heart。So his mood gradually improved。

On the way back to Bucheon,The two chatted and laughed happily。Speaking of pleasure,Wang Lin will beat Xia Jian a few times。Xia Jian gradually forgot the unhappiness in his heart,Joking and laughing with Wang Lin。
The car travels very smoothly,When you arrive in Bucheon,It’s dark。
Because Wang Lin ordered her favorite Hunan cuisine on the phone。So Xiao Xiao booked a box for Wang Lin in Xiangchuan Pavilion。When Xia Jianhe took Wang Lin over,,Everyone has been waiting for them for a long time。
Wang Lin and everyone here are very familiar,So when she walked into the box,Everyone swarmed,Took her hand to say hello。
After being polite,Everyone just sat down。Wang Lin is now a guest,So she stayed at the top,Another seat to accompany her,Naturally it was left to Xia Jian。And Wang Lin’s seat on the other side,I gave it to Jin Yimei。
In the company,Xiao Xiao is the boss,But sit here,Jin Yimei is the predecessor of the entrepreneurial group。Even Lao Xiao respected her three points before he was born,So let alone her Xiao Xiao。If it weren’t for Jin Yimei’s fault,,Otherwise her identity is among these people,Really unbeatable。
As soon as everyone sits down,Xiao Xiao winked at Xi Zhen。Xi Zhen’s loud voice started shouting to serve food。Since the dishes are ordered in advance,So the food is served quickly。In a while,Several cold dishes and heated dishes are all on the table。
Such a happy day,Of course drinking is indispensable。Wang Lin’s drinking volume is among this group of people,Except maybe Jin Yimei and Lin Wei,She should not be able to drink the rest。So Xia Jian specially protected her,This made Xiao Xiao who was sitting on the other side of Xia Jian very upset。
Xia Jian is not a fool,I can naturally feel the subtle changes during the meal。But anyway,Xia Jian is protecting Wang Lin to drink less alcohol and eat more vegetables。
Wang Lin has been in the United States for many years,It’s really greedy,So she really eats a lot。Several empty wine bottles have been placed under the table,But everyone was drinking,No one is far behind。
“President Wang!I heard that you are really good at mixing in the U.S.,I have to help our small company when I come back this time!”Xi Zhen again,She is holding a wine glass,Said carelessly。
Xia Jian didn’t understand,This is what Xi Zhen wanted to say in her heart,Or Xiao Xiao made special arrangements for her。Xia Jian didn’t want to talk about it at the banquet,But Xi Zhen picked it up。