Thought of here,Lingju breathed a sigh of relief,Okay,It was okay just now, the relationship didn’t froze,I didn’t say anything excessive to seniors before。

Jingpu at this time doesn’t know what these people are thinking,After a long dance,A pair《Spring》Full of paper,There is nothing special in this painting,The scenery I chose is my own small yard。
Of course it is the ideal small yard in Jingpu,Instead of the piles of graves outside。
After finishing painting in one go,,Jingpu put the brush down,But didn’t talk to others,But with my hands behind my back,I appreciate it myself。
After watching for half a minute,Jingpu nodded in satisfaction,Then took out his own seal and signed。
After these are completed,Jingpu cleaned up the things on his desk,Then he looked at Di Chen who was already drooling at the painting and smiled.:
“Elder Di,You are still satisfied?”
Di Chen at this moment was crazy and excited:
See Di Chen satisfied,Jingpu is also very happy,After all, this painting was done by myself,Others like it so much,Jingpu naturally has a sense of accomplishment。
Immediately,Jingpu pursed his mouth and smiled:
“Elder Di take it away。”
Lingju saw Jingpu’s glance and smile,Lingju is not a nympho,As a saint of Yaochi, I have seen anything amazing and talented,only,The senior in front of you,But it’s really intoxicating。
Di Chen nodded excitedly at this moment,Step forward and tremblingly pick up the calligraphy and painting,But the calligraphy and painting are pressed on the table,Not easy to pick up,In addition, where is Di Chen’s hand the same as a smoker,Crazy shaking,Can’t hold it。
Jingpu smiled helplessly and shook his head,Elder Di really likes ancient paintings,Immediately,Jingpu smiled:
“I’ll help you,Elder Di。”
After talking about Jingpu, I went to help the elder Di。
Lingju on the side saw this scene,I can’t help but sigh slightly,Seniors are really gentle in dealing with others,No shelf at all。
Isn’t Lingju never seen the Great Immortal of the Upper Realm,But no one has a senior,Breeze Jiyue,And light and dust。