This medicine is bestowed by the eternal race,Can make his body enter a state like death and life,The breath is weak to the extreme,Only then can I sneak into the periphery of Zhongshan Palace。

Eternal race,Is the highest level practitioner—The ethnicity created by Pollin Supreme’s research,It is also the manifestation of Pauline Supreme’s achievements in the way of life and death。
Notice,Completely mastered‘Origin of life and death’The supreme Pauline can even feign death and hide in front of an ultimate power master who masters the supreme level。
Those of the eternal race are far from being able to resist nature,But also good at life and death,Even their bloodline contains very special energy。
This energy,Can breed eternal blood,It also gave the eternal family a special talent that swallows Daojun to improve his strength.。
But the same,This special energy can also be incorporated into the pill,Form various special effects。
For example,A main material of the Pill of Life and Death,Can use the blood of the eternal race as a substitute,Even better。
Another example,Refining can achieve the ultimate effect of hiding breath‘Life and death confusion’,Can confuse life and death in heaven and earth。
Just such a pill,Its value is no less than a life and death pill。
of course,Taking this pill also has terrible side effects,This pill will transform the body and soul of the practitioner,Change its life form,Nine deaths after taking pill in a normal world。
strictly speaking,After taking the pill, the Wujian World God is no longer a true practitioner。This pill transformed his life form,At this moment, his life depends on the residual energy of this medicine.。
“really,The eternal race didn’t expect me to go back alive!”Ujan World God is very clear,When the effect of this medicine is completely consumed,When he was killed。
“Nothing more,Even if I can kill that world genius,It will certainly not escape the anger of Thousand Saints。”Wujian World God looks very wide。
not to mention,He knows that he is definitely not that talented opponent。
Only chance,Is the talisman given by the eternal family。
“Must kill him!He is not,My whole sect、The family will be destroyed!”There is helplessness and pain in the eyes of the Wujian world god。
at last,When he reached a position very close to Zhongshan Palace,Stopped。