“Nothing,Just tell you to come over and eat something!”

Xiang Chen held the empty cold plate in his hand,There is nothing to eat in it。
Li Tianxing curled his lips to Xiang Chen,Everyone knows many things,I just didn’t say it clearly,Since Xiang Chen didn’t pierce,Li Tianxing is naturally too lazy to do things that show his feet。
“I remember you told me,Come to the celebration,Will go to the red carpet。I plan to let you go with Ye Qingqing tomorrow!”
The language is not amazing,Xiang Chen’s words made Li Tianxing and Ye Qing stunned.。
Li Tianxing is looking forward to it,But I can’t put it down,Want to pretend to refuse,I’m afraid that Xiang Chen really canceled the idea of letting myself be accompanied。So Li Tianxing was very tangled,The expression on the face is also colorful。
Compared to Li Tianxing’s struggle,Ye Qing was also unwilling。
Looking at Xiang Chen with some embarrassment,I don’t know if he wants to mess up the mandarin duck book,In Ye Qingtian’s opinion,Even if it’s not Xiang Chen or Ding Sheng with me in the celebration tomorrow night,,You can finish it by yourself,Why let Li Tianxing walk with him??
Ye Qingqing didn’t particularly understand,But this proposal came from Xiang Chen,This makes Ye Qingqing a little bit difficult,Don’t know how to tactfully refuse。
Xiang Chen also seems to see the reluctance on Ye Qing’s face,Softly explained something in Ye Qing’s ear,“It is a good thing that tomorrow’s celebration can end naturally,But in case something really goes wrong,Brother Ding and I can shoot in secret,But if we are in the bright place,There are many things that are not convenient。”
Persuade Ye Qingqing softly,Then Xiang Chen spoke again:“do not worry,I am here,Li Gongzi won’t do anything to you,Otherwise, he will definitely not be able to eat!”
Ye lightly lowered his head and smiled,Then cover your mouth,Even if I reluctantly agreed to Xiang Chen’s idea。
“When are you talking about,Can you avoid me a bit?It hurts self-esteem!”
Li Tianxing looked at Xiang Chen and Ye Qingqing,They don’t avoid this when they say bad things about themselves,Li Tianxing still has a lot of opinions。
“The purpose has been achieved,What’s the matter with self-esteem?”
Xiang Chen looked at Li Tianxing,The latter also nodded,Compared with the result, I lost something Li Tianxing never cared。
Talking,Under the leadership of Xiang Chen,The three people also came to a new buffet。
This time even Li Tianxing opened his mouth in surprise,Looking at Xiang Chen’s stomach suspiciously,I don’t know if the skin contains an organ or a trash can。
I haven’t seen it for a long time.,Finally, Li Tianxing also lost interest in Xiang Chen’s stomach,The auction of the charity reception begins,In other words, it’s the wealth fight for all the guests,This is the peak of the atmosphere of the whole reception,But at this moment,Xiang Chen, who is full of wine and food, is already asleep。