Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Split action

Everyone hasn’t discussed why,Mo Mo’s slight snoring sound already rang。
Everyone was slightly taken aback,Then under the sign of Xiang Chen,All three of them walked out lightly,Leave a quiet space for Mo Mo alone。
According to Xiang Chen’s plan,Xiang Yang pretended to go chat with Xiao Xiaoxiao,Han Genji and Xiang Chen’s work is relatively simple,Go home and take credit,Show off if you should go to Zhu Guosheng to show off。
“Pay attention to yourself,Xiao Xiaoxiao is not easy!”
Before leaving,Xiang Chen didn’t forget to exhort Xiangyang。
“Got it!Got it!I’m not a fool, okay!”
Xiangyang waved his hand impatiently,Say goodbye to Xiang Chen。
“Then I’ll take credit too!Maybe I’ll really go into politics in the future!”
Xiang Chen shook the information in his hand,Han Genji got in his car and left。
With the information Xiang Chen gave,Plus Mo Mo’s temporary supplement,Han Genji feels it’s hard not to be a full-time official!
Unexpected surprise and natural pain,Han Genji can accept it,It all came too fast,He is not ready yet。
Watching Han Genji leave,Xiang Chen suddenly feels like a child has grown up,Sudden relief,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but frown。
But what makes Xiang Chen frown even deeper is,Then the high heels that fell on his head。
Frowned deeply,Xiang Chen turned his head and looked at the direction where the high heels were flying。
“I don’t blame me for this!I don’t know she is sleeping in the hall!”
Yao Yao who was smashed out by Mo Mo with high heels,Said to Xiangchen with an innocent look。
Took a deep breath,Xiang Chen doesn’t know how to express his dissatisfaction,In the end, I had no choice but to give up。
“Let her rest!These days are hard enough!”
Xiang Chen’s voice is a little helpless,But helpless。