Should white-collar workers be happy with high salaries?

Should white-collar workers be happy with high salaries?

I am a standard white-collar worker. I go in and out of high-level office buildings every day, wear fashionable clothes, wear fashionable makeup, and hold a considerable salary.

In the eyes of others, I am a lucky man, and I have reasons to be happy.

But in fact, I’m not happy to do this high-paying job. I feel like I’ve been swallowed up by this high-paying job. There is no time, no energy, and long-term competition. These things make me very depressed.

Always thinking, is there a career that is both highly paid and happy?

Should you choose a high-paying but unhappy job or a happy but not-high-paying job?

JJMMs, are you happy after getting a high salary?

  A high salary can prove my ability. I majored in finance and accounting. After graduating from college, I was fortunate to be hired by a famous accounting firm.

In the first month after work, I got a salary of 6,000 yuan. The office also promised me that my income would double in one year.

I quickly became the envy and pursuit of my classmates. I also saw my own value in the eyes of everyone’s envy. I completely forgot the hard work of working overtime on weekdays.

In my opinion, people have to prove their worth while alive, and high salaries are the perfect expression of the value of life.

  Hard work is for a better life. Yeda has a generous salary. At the end of the year, she can get a considerable bonus in addition to the commission. Therefore, although she is married and she is together, her life concept and attitude are aheadof.

She would spend a few thousand yuan just to buy a small and exquisite leather bag, and she could go to Starbucks romance without dinner.

She has her own plan, and it is not easy to make money. If she learns to enjoy, she will not be wronged. She also plans to buy another car at the end of the year.

  Create a house with a high salary, a car, a girlfriend . which one can’t spend money?

Therefore, getting a high salary is still very necessary.

Although getting 10 times your salary might mean 100 times hard work, in my opinion, it’s all worth it.

I wanted to talk about a girlfriend at the beginning, the development is smooth, the marriage is expected, who knows that I was finally seduced by an Akai.

Since then, I have vowed to work hard to make money. In this world, everything is easy to do if you have money. If you do n’t have money, you can only look forward to it . You need to pay more for this job.The salary is indeed more than double that of the previous job.

How proud I was then!

It’s okay to work overtime anyway, anyway, my monthly income increased so that I can use my credit card in the famous specialty store downstairs to work hard. Because of this, I am extremely satisfied with this job!

Slowly I realized that every night I worked overtime, sometimes I had to rest after 2am, and it was even harder during the day.

If you want to get 10 times more salary than others, you have to pay 100 times the intensity!

  The cruel competition people trembled in the summer and followed her young talented husband for many years and finally fell in love.

Everyone was happy for her, but she wasn’t happy anyway.

The reason is: Although the company she works for is a well-known company, she has not been on vacation for many years. No one, anything, is a reason to ask for leave.

On the third day of the wedding, the summer leader was called back to the office to participate!

“Now that the competitive pressure is so great, what can I do if I get older .” When I think of this, summer frowns.

  If you want a high salary, you can’t have a personality. I studied secretarial major, and after graduation, I do administration in the enterprise.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a good monthly salary, but this job is not what I want.

Because my character is inherently quiet, and the secretarial job requires exquisiteness and can speak.

Every day when I go to work, I have to answer countless calls for the general manager.

Although I do n’t like it very much, I also need to be strong. Work and salary are so important to me. I had to set aside personality and personality for the time being.

  It is said that a survey released by Zhilian Recruitment recently revealed that at present, more than 60% of white-collar workers are in high salaries, but they feel that the happiness index is not high.

  And more than half of them are easy to change jobs, only willing to sign a one-year work contract with the company.

Data show that only 37 of urban white-collar workers.

72% of the people choose to work, “Overall happy”, 41.

64% said “there are more times when they are unhappy”, and 20.

64% said they were “painful and wanted to change jobs.”  Unexpectedly, high work pressure is not the main factor that causes white-collar workers to feel unhappy.

However, I feel that the management system and processes of the unit I work for are unreasonable, and I am not satisfied with the management methods and styles of the immediate superiors. I believe that wage expenditure is not directly proportional to the contribution to the unit, which will affect the three major factors of work happiness.

Too many white-collar employees surveyed said that modern people are not afraid of stress, as long as they can achieve personal value in their work, they can be completely afraid of hard work.