Watch out!

5 Roughly Cancer “New Killer”

Watch out!
5 Roughly Cancer “New Killer”

Experts believe that if you always maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is called “the plague of the 20th century” and it will be difficult to get on your body.
  Carcinogens may be killer 1: Improper lifestyle: The “Chinese Health Statistics Summary” issued by the Ministry of Health shows that the top five causes of death for some urban residents in China are: malignant tumor, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, respiratory disease, injury and poisoning.
This shows that diseases caused by improper lifestyles have become the most important cause of endangering the lives of urban residents in China.
Improper lifestyles account for 37% of all deaths.
The reason why the medical profession put forward the concept of “lifestyle cancer” is to remind people to pay attention to their lifestyle and abandon bad habits.
  Experts point out that smoking, drinking, eating late night snacks, breathing car exhausts on the streets, and even inhaling the oil smoke released from cooking at home all have the potential to cause cancer.
All in all, unhealthy food, clothing, and transportation of human beings have the potential to cause cancer. This type of cancer is “lifestyle cancer.”
  Changes in lifestyle can indeed change the probability of cancer, which is the biggest motivation to prevent “lifestyle cancer”.
Taking the occurrence of female malignant tumors as an example, cervical cancer ranked first among female malignant tumors in Shanghai in the early liberation period has now dropped to eighth place. It is difficult to find examples of living advanced cervical cancer when clinical teaching is being conducted in medical schools.You can only show students profile pictures, and breast cancer, which was rare in the past, is now ranked first. This is the most vivid example of how lifestyle changes affect women’s cancer rankings.
Because the occurrence of cervical cancer is related to having more children and getting married early, the incidence of breast cancer is related to excess nutrition and too little breastfeeding.
  Carcinogenic potential killer II: External environmental pollution Experts point out that most cancers are not caused by internal or external causes alone, but are the result of multiple factors, internal and external interactions and interactions.
The external factors are mainly environmental factors.
Cancer epidemiological studies show that more than 90% of malignant tumors are related to the environment.
Environmental factors include almost everything we encounter in our daily lives, such as food, water, air, drugs, chemicals, radiation, and microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses).
The environment can be divided into three parts: biological, physical and chemical, and social environment. Among them are chemical substances.
Therefore, some experts point out that one of the main reasons for the increase in the incidence of cancer today is due to the large number of chemicals.
  Due to the acceleration of urbanization, the dense population, severe pollution, and changes in living conditions and lifestyles have caused people to become highly stressed and the pace of life has accelerated, adding to the mental burden.
At the same time, humans live in an environment with many carcinogenic factors, causing some people to develop cancer, but most people do not have cancer for life.
This shows that the internal factors of the human body play an important role in the occurrence of cancer.
In layman’s terms, mutated cells are like “seeds” and the body’s internal environment is like “soil”.
With the seeds of cancer, the soil suitable for the growth of cancer cells, and the external environment as fertilizer, such tumors can grow.
  Carcinogenic potential killer III: Chemical flooding, Professor Hu Chaosu, an expert at the Cancer Hospital, pointed out that there have been studies that found that chemical elements in some foods can also cause cancer.
For example, marinated and moldy foods, among which dimethylnitrosamine, diethylnitrosamine and methylbenzylnitrosamine can be cured in meat and fish, crude fish sauceFound in.
In addition, they are more or less present in dried radishes, dried cornmeal, sauerkraut and some moldy foods.
In addition to nitrosamines in moldy foods, there are mycotoxins. These toxins can cause cancer, and they also have a synergistic carcinogenic effect with nitrosamines.
Experts also found that food and food in areas with high incidence of gastric cancer were seriously contaminated with mold, and even in the gastric juice of gastric cancer patients, mold and its toxins were detected.
  According to epidemiological studies at home and abroad, the occurrence of gastric cancer may also be related to delicious smoked food.
Because foods produce a large amount of PAHs during the fumigation process, which contains strong carcinogens such as benzopyrene, which can penetrate the entire food.
During the fumigation process, the protein will decompose and produce carcinogenic components at high temperature, especially when it is burnt.
  Carcinogenesis may be the killer four: excess diet and nutrition: One of every five deaths in China is due to malignant tumors.
In large cities, one in every four deaths results from a malignant tumor, many of which are related to excess nutrition.
  Epidemiological investigations have shown that high fats can affect the intestinal flora and certain bile acids and cholesterol levels, and these can be promoters of colon cancer.
There is a positive correlation between dietary fat intake and the prevalence of colorectal cancer, and the incidence of colorectal cancer is significantly higher in people with high fat intake.
Professor Jiang Jiayi, vice chairman of the Shanghai Nutrition Society, pointed out that now the diet is single, white noodles, rice, and rarely eaten miscellaneous grains, which increases the body’s calories and is one of the causes of cancer.
As early as the 1940s, some people have done some interesting experiments on animals.
They found that restricting the mice’s dietary intake, that is, reducing sugar intake (reducing the supply of calories), could significantly reduce their incidence of cancer.Similar findings have been made in some cancer patients.

For overweight people, certain cancers are also more likely to occur, such as gallbladder cancer, and the chance of uterine body cancer is greatly increased than others.

  Excessive drinking is also an important factor in causing cancer.

Excessive drinking is closely related to the incidence of oral cancer, pharyngeal cancer, larynx cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer, and diabetes.

For oral and throat cancers, the incidence of overdrinkers is more than twice that of nondrinkers.

Esophageal cancer is more closely related to alcohol.

  Carcinogenesis may kill five: psychological factors can also be induced Scientists have discovered that many environmental factors are related to the onset of cancer.

In essence, scientists’ research also shows that psychological factors can also be the cause of cancer.

  Some experiments have proved that when the mood is good, the brain’s emotional center will secrete a substance called “encephalin” which is good for health, which can both relieve pain and anti-aging, and can activate the immune system function and inhibitGrowth of fluoride and harmful microorganisms.

On the contrary, when the mood is not good, the secretion of adrenaline corticosterone increases. This hormone can enter the bloodstream and can damage the body’s immune function and cause normal cell canceration.

A scholar in the United States has surveyed 8,000 cancer patients. The clinical manifestations of most malignant tumors occurred during periods of disappointment, loneliness, and other heavy blows and mental stress.

Existing and survey data show that many cancer patients have symptomatic psychostimulation in the first half of the onset, the rate of which exceeds 50%.