Digital "New Infrastructure" accelerated construction 5G fusion application to the depth

As a strategic, basic, parental industry that supports economic and social development, my country’s information and communication industry has achieved leap-forward development in recent years, providing a strong new kinetic energy for economic and social development.

In order to speed up the construction of a strong country and digital China, on November 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Development Plan for 145 Information Communications Industry".

"Plan" proposes that by 2025, the overall scale of information and communication industries has further grown, and the development quality is significantly improved. Basic build high-speed general, integrated interconnect, intelligent green, safe and reliable new digital infrastructure, empowering economic and social digital transformation and upgrading Ability is fully improved.

Digital new infrastructure accelerated construction of new digital infrastructure is the base and cornerstone of digital economic development, but also an important engine that pulled a new round of economic growth.

Up to now, my country has built more than 1150,000 5G base stations, all prefecture-level urban urban areas in the country, and more than 97% of the county towns and 40% of township districts achieve 5G network coverage, 5G end users reach hundreds of households.

In the 14th fifteenth fifteenth day, we strive to have 26 5G base stations, realize the full coverage of urban and townships, basic coverage of administrative villages, focus on the depth of the application, 5G Tongda rate of administrative villages is expected to reach 80%.

Director Xie Cai, Director of Information and Communication Development Division, "Planning", deployed new digital infrastructure construction, including 5G, Gigabit fiber network, IPv6, mobile Internet, satellite communication network, etc. New generation communication network infrastructure, And data centers, artificial intelligence, block chains and other data and power facilities.

As the core, data and power of the new digital infrastructure system are the main driving force for driving digital economy. "Plan", encourage the construction of hot data aggregation areas around the first-tier city, construct large and super large data center attractive data aggregation in terms of sufficient energy, appropriate climate, and natural disasters, and promote resource sharing between data aggregation regions. Improve data center utilization level; expand the backbone network interconnection node, optimize data center cross-network, cross-regional data interaction, improve the system of infrastructure enterprises and Internet enterprises, and provide high quality data transmission services. How to build a multi-level power facility system "plan" clearly, to promote the construction of multi-heterogeneous smart cloud computing platforms, enhance the high-speed processing of massive data and data deep processing capacity; construction facing the edge computing facility for specific scenes Strengthen the edge calculation and cloud computing cooperation.

At the same time, we must in depth, in depth, the cloud network is promoted, promoting cloud interconnection, implementing calculation resources and network resource optimization matching, and promoting calculation resource intensive deployment and heterogeneous cloud capability synergistic sharing, and improve computational resource utilization. In order to achieve the above objectives, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently focused on 5G, Gigabit Net, Data Center, Internet of Things, District Block Chains, IPv6, etc., and launched the implementation of special actions, and issued a three-year action plan for deployment. Xie Fu said. 5G Fusion Application Directional Direct 5G Fusion Application is an important engine that promotes digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economic and social. 5G application innovation case has exceeded 10,000, covering 22 national economy important industries, industrial manufacturing, mining, port and other vertical industry application scenarios, which have emerged from the initial production assistance business to equipment control, quality control and other core services expand. Xie Fu said that 5G applications in education, medical, information consumption, are accelerating development. In the medical field, China Mobile joins the Beijing Union Hospital to jointly complete 5G HD remote ophthalmology and remote fundut laser surgery.

5G network realizes the eye tracking of laser equipment during treatment, ensuring reliability and security of remote surgery.

Liu Jinxin, general manager of the Department of Medical and Health Industry, China Mobile, Industrial and Enterprise, introduces 5G high-speed, low delay characteristics, making real-time transmission and smoothness of 4K HD video real-time interaction and medical image data in remote consultations.

In the field of education, a number of 5G air classrooms, 5G virtual laboratories, 5G cloud test fields, 5G smart campus, etc., to carry out experience in 5G pilot applications in smart education; information consumption, AR guide, 4K / 8K live broadcast in the application of game entertainment, live broadcast and other aspects, greatly enhances the user experience. During the 14th Five-Year period, 5G applications for information consumption, physical economy, and people’s livelihood services will be heavy. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote 5G applications in 15 industries around the field, create a deep integration new ecology, build technical industries and standard system double pillars. As another typical scene of 5G fusion applications, its technical cooperation with industrial Internet has accelerated the pace of physical economic digital transition.

At present, 5G + industrial Internet has more than 1800 projects in the project, with influential industrial Internet platforms, more than 76 million connected devices. "Plan" proposed, continued to deepen 5G + industrial Internet integration innovation, accelerating the industrial Internet to the empowerment applications of various industries.

In order to fully implement this task, we will continue to implement industrial Internet innovation development projects, focus on key technology and industrial short boards, concentrate on accelerating breakthroughs, enhance autonomous control. Build an autonomous controllable identification system, expand the scope of the identity service, promote the scale of scale, and build integrated, industry, professional platform systems. Wang Peng, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said.

The security system continues to strengthen the infiltration of the 5G, industrial Internet, big data, etc. to accelerate infiltration to economic and social fields, network security in the development of digital transformation, the global influence is getting outstanding. Basic communication network security compulsory stones have further highlighted, and integration business security risks continue to intensify.

In the 14th fifteenth day, there is a need to strengthen the network security system and capacity building in the field of industrial and informationization.

Du Guangda, deputy director of the Network Security Administration of Industry and Information Technology, said. In order to improve the security of network infrastructure, in recent years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued a number of regulations, issued nearly 20 normative documents, implemented more than 300 network and information security standards, and continuously organize telecommunications and Internet industry network security supervision and inspection. . Du Guangda introduced that during the 14th Five-Year Plan, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will further enhance the monitoring, defense, traceability of network security threats such as advanced persistent attacks, and ensure the safe operation of the infrastructure network.

At the same time, the construction of national network security, data security industrial parks, and cultivate international competitive network and data security leaders, carry out pilot demonstration of network security technology applications, support security technology innovation applications for key information infrastructure, and improve network security Products and service levels.

With the accelerated development of digital economy, data has become new production factors.

Du Guangda believes that it should accelerate the introduction of "Data Safety Management Measures for Industry and Information Technology", improve the basic system and important domain data safety standards.

For telecommunications, it will gradually carry out important data catalog, file management, security risk detection assessment, etc .; for industrial fields, data security management pilots, explore industry data security management paths and patterns.

(Reporter Li Wei) Editor: kJ005.