“Since on the road,The two sides are equal in the moves,Then these two will be better than all kinds of magical powers!”A white-haired fairy smiled,The other gods and gods around him looked at the fighting power of the two,Also some admiration。

In addition to the master Ming Dao Ren of Zhongshan Mansion,Also, another true fairy has the strength to compare with them。
“indeed,The strength of these two daoists can be regarded as top gods,And the divine body is still strong,Anyway, the old are not sure to deal with them。”Self-proclaimed old,It’s the strongest among the true immortals under Li Ming‘Old man’,He is also a very old lone true fairy。
“On supernatural powers,Brother Raene may have a greater advantage。”
“This is hard to say,Although Xiong Gu is not known for his supernatural powers,But who knew he would《Like heaven and earth》What level of enlightenment is it。”
Like heaven and earth,Although basic,But I really have to practice to a very high level,Can be invincible at the level of the gods。
quickly,Three heads and six arms、Unfold like heaven。
Two statues are a hundred feet tall,Three six-armed giants fought each with their weapons。
Just like the achievements of heaven and earth,Indeed, the achievement of Xiong Gu Tian Shen is higher,A body that is one hundred and sixty feet tall,It’s more than a hundred and eighty-foot-tall God of Thunder。
But explosive power is not just like heaven and earth,Ray Entian God himself has the explosive magical power taught by Li Ming,On the outburst of divine power, he is still stronger than Xiong Gu Tian Shen。
“Divine power burst,Raylene is indeed stronger!”
“But did you find,Fellow Daoist Xiong’s strength is increasing!”Li Ming suddenly spoke。
The gods under his command were taken aback,Observe carefully,Found that it was indeed the case。
Actually this is normal,Xiong Gu Tianshen’s chance in the universe is too great,Completely experienced the Golden Heavenly Way,Although his perception is far less than Li Ming,But also pointed out a way to the sky for him。
Just a few decades,He has not perfected the fusion of his own golden heavenly way and sword way,Not perfect,It means there is still room for improvement。
Forced by the Raene god,It inspired his will。
Even enter a state similar to epiphany。
Every bit of his,Better than the last one,Although the increase is not large,But it is indeed constantly improving。