but。。The virtual universe covers all space areas of the entire universe。

“Babata,Where am i now?”
“Ok。。The coordinate position should still be in the Shenwu continent,But it’s at least 100 million kilometers away from the previous location。。。And it should be inside a huge mountain or simply underground。”
“Is probably underground。”Li Ming looked at the huge cave in front of him,Wet rock face,And the almost dull environment,“I don’t know where the inheritance is?”
“it’s here~”There was a misty voice,This voice is mixed with men、woman、juvenile、Senior citizens,As if countless people are talking together。。。And this language,Not a lingua franca,But a,A magical language that can be fully understood just by pronunciation。
Simultaneously,The corresponding text is also transformed into the void。
“Genius from the universe,Hello there~”
Li Ming’s face changed,Then relieved,This heritage is indeed amazing,Maybe there is a smart or something hosting,It’s not impossible to guess that you are from the outer universe。
“Hello there,You are responsible for managing the inheritance?”
“I am the master stay here,Responsible for screening inherited intelligence~”A projection emerges,Is a human-looking bald head。
“but,Even if you are from the outer universe,There is no preferential treatment in this regard,Of course it will not prevent you from gaining inheritance。”Smart Bald said:“I will strictly follow the agreement between the host and the virtual universe company to carry out inheritance screening。”
“Let’s talk about these inheritances!”Li Ming asked with interest:“How can I gain inheritance。”
“The inheritance left by the owner is divided into three grades。。。Let me talk about the most inferior,It’s just some secrets collected by the master。The population of Shenwu Continent is too small,It’s unlikely that a genius like you will be born,If i guess right,Can enter Shenwu Continent,You should be the core member of the five human forces。Those inferior inheritances may not be of much use to you。”
Li Ming nodded,This artificial intelligence analysis is still very right—It can’t be said that Shenwu Continent will not be able to give birth to such a powerful genius,But the probability is too low。
“Medium inheritance,Is a legacy left by the owner and his friends,Can be considered very precious。Your human universe is only those ancient universe masters that can create~”
“What about high inheritance?”Lord of the universe,The inheritance of the venerable class is not of great significance to Li Ming,After all, his teacher is the master of the universe,There is a group of Venerables among the brothers。
“High inheritance,to be exact,That’s an opportunity for God to pass on。”There is infinite reverence in the tone of intelligent life。
“I’m here to find out what is going on with God!”Babata offered to invite。
Li Ming smiled slightly,He naturally knows what God will pass on,That is the precious inheritance left by the Patriarchal Cult。