[Homemade Breakfast Egg Cake Practice]_Recommended Diet

[Homemade Breakfast Egg Cake Practice]_Recommended Diet

The practice of homemade breakfast egg pie is relatively simple, and the time required is relatively short, which helps to make it. The main ingredients are eggs and flour. In addition, prepare an appropriate amount of chives. Depending on the individual taste, you can make onion egg omelets., Leeks omelet or shiitake omelet, etc., the practice of omelet is more popular here in the east and north, is a favorite breakfast for office workers, let’s take a look at the practice of homemade breakfast omelet.

Prepare the right amount of flour, the right amount of spring onion, some diced ham, eggs, MSG and salt.

First clean the shallots, then cut into diced shallots, cut the ham into dices, add the eggs to the bowl, add the salt and MSG on top, and then break up. Put the shallots and diced ham into the egg mixture, then place the eggs.Add flour to the liquid and stir it into a paste. Make sure the paste is not too dry.

Then prepare a pan, brush a thin layer of oil on the pan with a brush, then scoop a spoonful of batter with a spoon, pour it into the pan, spread the batter flat with a spoon, turn the other side after frying, and fry on both sidesTo golden color, the breakfast quiche is ready.

You can also make scallion egg pie, prepare two eggs, prepare an appropriate amount of sweet potato powder, prepare oil and salt, prepare chicken essence and green onion, prepare a clean bowl and add sweet potato powder, then adjust to a paste, then add two eggs,, add the right amount of spring onions, add the right amount of salt, chicken essence seasoning, stir well.

Prepare a pan and put oil in the pan. When the oil is slightly hot, spread the paste into the pan with a spoon and spread it into a pie shape. After both sides are fried, the green onion quiche is ready, because the homemade breakfast quiche is very economical.Time is also rich in nutrition and is welcomed by many office workers.