[Effects of making nails]_Reduction_Benefits

[Effects of making nails]_Reduction_Benefits

Ao is a member of the Aoidae family. Many things are good on it. For example, Ao Jia is the protective shell of the Ao animals. Many people will eat Ao after eating Ao meat.It has excellent effects, such as chronic hepatitis B, etc. Below are some descriptions of diseases that have excellent therapeutic effects.

Hope that can help everyone.

The carapace is the carapace of a pheasant.

The front end can be captured, mainly in the autumn and winter seasons. After the capture, kill it. Put the boiling water on the carapace until the crust on the carapace can peel off. Take it out, peel the carapace, remove the residual meat, and then dry it.

The effectiveness and effect of snail armor snail armor has the effect of inhibiting connective tissue hyperplasia, increasing plasma protein, dispersing and dispersing swelling, and improving anti-tumor immunity.

Bronze armor can increase plasma protein content and lymphoblast conversion rate, and can prolong the existence of antibodies and enhance hematopoietic function.

Jiayangyin clears the heat, flat crickets extinguish the wind, soft and firm.

Smelt hot bone steam, yin deficiency and wind movement, fatigue, impoverishment, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and children’s fear.

The first prescription for curing the disease 1 is used for hypothermia disease, insufficiency of wind, and can be used. 18 grams of licorice, 18 grams of rehmannia, 18 grams of white peony, 9 grams of gelatin, 9 grams of hemp kernels, 15 grams of Ophiopogon, 15 grams of oyster, 24 grams of armor, 30 grams of turtle plate, decoction with water.

2. For those who suffer from fever and yin for a long time, they can use 6 grams of Artemisia annua, 15 grams of turpentine, 12 grams of habitat, 6 grams of timidum, 9 grams of tannin, and decoction with water.

3, if treating women with bone-steaming fever, amenorrhea, 30 grams of scallion, 30 grams of sweet potato root, 30 grams of cinnamon heart, 30 grams of ridges, 30 grams of peony skin, 30 grams of rhubarb, 30 grams of rhubarb, 诃30 grams of seed skin, 30 grams of amber, 30 grams of peach kernels, refining honey into pills.

4. Treatment of toothache: appropriate amount of beetle is dried and made into fine powder, which is put into a drying container for later use.

Take medicine 0 when used.

5 grams are placed on the surface of the tobacco leaf in the pipe, and then lit when the cigarette is smoked.

5. Treatment of liver cirrhosis: 3 live salamanders, raised in clean water for two to three days, in order to drain off the dirt in the body.

Take it out, smash your head to death (don’t cut your head to bleed), add sand to the pot, then put the crickets into the pot, dry with a steady fire until yellow, take out the ground powder, add an appropriate amount of honey and mix to make eachOne 9-gram pill.

Take 1 pill each time, three times a day for 30 consecutive days as a course of treatment.

6. Treatment of tuberculous ulcers: 50 grams of nail polish, made into a fine powder, put the added amount of medical vaseline in a clean aluminum lunch box, then sprinkle a small amount of nail polish powder on it, and put gauze strips on the nail polish powder 100Pieces, sprinkle the remaining turpentine powder on top, cover the lid, and sterilize by boiling for half an hour.

During use, the affected area is routinely sterilized to remove the necrotic tissue, and then the nail polish powder gauze strip is lightly packed on the bottom of the diseased lesion with a probe, and the dressing is changed once every other day.

7. Treatment of gastric sagging: 250g of nail polish, made into fine powder, bottled and reserved.

Take 3 to 6 g of medicine each time, two times a day as a course of treatment.

Can nourish the kidney and strengthen the body.

8. Malaria: Changshan 10g, Artemisia annua 10g, Bupleurum 10g, Zhimu I5g, Carapacea 18g, Carapacean 10g, Polygonum multiflorum 15g, Peach Kernel 12g, Codonopsis 15g, Chen Liang 6g, Verbena 12g, Licorice 6g.

Decoction with water, 2 doses per day.

9, back disease: appropriate amount of beetle powder, raw astragalus 120g, Sichuan achyranthes (fried with salt water) 60g, decoction twice, mix the two times of juice (one day amount), send medicinal beetle powder with medicated juice, each time 10g, Twice a day.

Take it for six consecutive days.

10, nourish liver and kidney, cooling blood and removing blood stasis: 18g of Beisha ginseng, 15g of radix rehmanniae, 12g of wolfberry, 10g of peach kernel, 30g of codonopsis, 15g of codonopsis, 10g of Bupleurum, curcuma, Sanling, chicken gold, Poria, red, Zhuling, Alisma 12g each.

Decoction with water.
It is more suitable for swollen kidney-yin deficiency.