Little Queen Jingyu didn’t mean to get up,She took a bunch of grapes from Zhu Minglang’s plate,Also learn to wish bright,Peel them one by one,Then slowly put it in the small mouth,Chewing gracefully。

Ignore,Too lazy to talk with Yan Xu,Little Queen Jingyu Chundang does not have Yan Xu。 Yan Xu still maintained etiquette at the beginning,Gradually, my face doesn’t look good。 He glanced coldly at Zhu Minglang,Point your finger to Zhu Minglangdao:“you,Roll aside,Make…

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At this moment, Zhu Minglang looks down,I discovered that the huge and terrifying strange umbrella was actually the collar of a lizard demon,Is the folds of its neck,Exaggerated to open like a peacock,Instantly transformed into a strange mouth that can swallow an adult dragon!

The lizard demon just wanted to swallow Xiao Qingzhuo and Zhu Minglang together! Many lizards have pleated necks,But it’s never so terrible,It even evolved into a foreign mouth,Let this lizard demon with a small head can swallow larger creatures! This…

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On the phone,Jack·Welch is excited,The tone is even more inviting,of course,This is also human nature,I’m a part-time worker,Of course let the boss know。

“Oh?” Chen Geng responded very cooperatively,Motion to Jack·Welch went on to say,Listen to yourself。 Jack·Welch is also not humble,Foreigners never know what humility is:“last month,Our actual monthly sales in Europe are4000Vehicles,Moreover11000Orders for vehicles are waiting for delivery!Cooperate with our propaganda…

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