He gets up and observes every few minutes,Until three moving black dots appeared in his vision,He was immediately refreshed,Watching every move around you with twelve points。

The speed of the three black dots is not slow,You can tell the color of clothes without much effort,It’s the captain。Red hair is wearing orange overalls,Carrying a yellow helmet,Looking back while walking,Don’t know what’s looking at。 Li Tianchou looked behind…

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Watching the battle until Chen Xiu did not realize that Guo Baojun would suddenly appear in the entire position and initiate a sneak attack,Thought in mind:“It turns out that Hu Mazi’s illusion is just a blind trick,Guo Baojun’s trick is to kill,These two are really sinister,I want to see how She Letian copes?”

Seeing that the stick fell on She Letian’s head,She Letian suddenly covered her body with a dazzling golden light。 This dazzling golden light,Sun Yang and others can’t see things clearly。 Guo Baojun is laughing out loud:“She Letian,Do you think the…

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Hacker invasion。”

Lu Haokai’s secretary also rushed,Say:“Continental,Oh no,The company’s computer is paralyzed。” “what?” Lu Haokai shocked,He is unbelievable:“Lu Haozheng’s company can not have such a high-top person,Even if it is Ou Jing, you can’t do it.。 Jiangian Banquet,You immediately gave me。” This…

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