When the Chu Deirers are rushing out,I have entered the Jinxian,At this time, it is the original place.“Essay”,The style is changed,,Attack is more sharp!

“Small dragon turtle”Sixty-four kinds of strength,As the Chu Deirens make a single bloom,Or finish or claw、Or palm or punch,Lianlian-lian…… But the two will retreat,Chu Deiren seems to be large,Real 则 利 得 得 轻 轻 轻 轻,In addition to starting…

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Wang Lin and Xia Jian worked together for so long,Naturally, I know Xia Jian’s temperament very well,So a few words down,So I talked about Xia Jian’s heart。He opened the button in his heart。So his mood gradually improved。

On the way back to Bucheon,The two chatted and laughed happily。Speaking of pleasure,Wang Lin will beat Xia Jian a few times。Xia Jian gradually forgot the unhappiness in his heart,Joking and laughing with Wang Lin。 The car travels very smoothly,When you…

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This medicine is bestowed by the eternal race,Can make his body enter a state like death and life,The breath is weak to the extreme,Only then can I sneak into the periphery of Zhongshan Palace。

Eternal race,Is the highest level practitioner—The ethnicity created by Pollin Supreme’s research,It is also the manifestation of Pauline Supreme’s achievements in the way of life and death。 Notice,Completely mastered‘Origin of life and death’The supreme Pauline can even feign death and…

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