Li Hui Feng carefully looked at Li Kaishan’s one.,He is still the first time that Li Kaishan seems to have another circle.,A circle he did not get into touch。

“Hey-hey,Then what level should I belong to??” “Forehead,I don’t know this.。” When Li Kaishan said this,Can’t help but:“If the boss can block our own attacks on the front,That is absolutely super-flow。” After all, that day is night.,The sight of their…

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Modesty and prudence is one of the elements to keep in mind in the workplace,Especially not to take the credit of the boss,But she was in contact with the biggest companyBOSS,Others just want to make things difficult,No chance。

If you want to stand out,Self-recommendation is essential,The opportunity is here,Must catch! Willow eyes droop,Surge of thought,The hand under the table is clenched into a fist,Relax immediately,Stand up neatly and bow to everyone,Speak clearly:“Look at this ad from a female…

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