Tips for skin moisturization in all weather in winter


Tips for skin moisturization in all weather in winter

The air is dry in winter, and the skin is dry enough to emit smoke. Itching, peeling and other troubles also come out. It seems that the moisturizers that work well in summer are not enough, and the skin is always dry.What are the “muscles” in winter for those MMs who always look watery?

  Level 1 “muscle tight” moisturizing protects the oil glands. The humidity of the air is reduced. The skin’s stratum corneum cannot adjust enough moisturizing factors in time. The activity of lipid adenosine is reduced at the same time.Tight, fine lines will appear under the eyes and near the nose.

Moisturizing can prevent fine lines.

The best way to moisturize is to keep the skin more hydrated, so as to reduce the fine lines caused by dryness.

  Moisturizing Secret 1. Skin care products contain broken vitamins, and the moisturizing effect will be more obvious; 2. At night, it is time for skin penetration to strengthen. At this time, using moisturizing products, the skin will become aquatic after getting up.

  3, 2 every week?
3 times, use moisturizers to treat baby’s dry skin, especially in autumn and winter, a hydrating mask is essential.

Moisturizes and deepens skin.

  Level 2 “Mystery” moisturizing emollient is deeper and pays more attention to the moisturizing degree of oil-water balance. Moisturizing is more concerned about how to penetrate water into the cells, improve skin microcirculation, and enhance skin roundness, so the size of moisturizing products is generally refreshing.The molecules are small and can reach the skin quickly and fully.

  Moisturizing and hydrating spray is the most direct and fastest way to hydrate the skin. In autumn and winter, carry a bottle of moisturizing spray to replenish the skin, but remember that you must use a facial tissue to gently press dry after spraying, if it can be applied in timeA little moisturizing cream is even more perfect.