That is a realm of Taoist monarchs with the appearance of a goatee old man,Talking with a group of worlds in a majestic manner。but,Regarding the breath, it is only the appearance of the three-step Taoist,They can easily kill。

“Ming Daoyou is the heart power Daojun,But be sure to completely control the one or three trail king?”
“Reluctantly,If it’s Four-foot-Daojun, there is no way,As long as the Lord of the Three Paths does not realize the strongest way or the heart is extremely against the sky,No problem!”
Surrounding body and mind,Li Ming stepped out。
Although this fog of stars has a strong suppressive effect,But Li Ming’s speed is still ten times the limit of heaven,Appeared in front of the goatee’s Erbu Daojun。
The two trail king,And many world realms under his command and even the ancestor gods and ancestors have not reacted,Fell into the illusion,Let Li Ming control it。
“the host!”Goatee old man with dementia,The tone is mechanical,But knelt down to Li Ming。
(Da Mo Daojun:“You control。。Can not do it,How to control it so stiff?!( ̄_, ̄)”)
(Li Ming:I am good at mental strength,But more towards the world,Not control!!!)
Li Ming glared at Da Mo Daojun。
Really powerful means of control,The controlled person behaves freely,Except for the respect and obedience from the heart。
Stiff expression after being controlled,Even mortals can see abnormalities,Explain that the controlled one is not perfect。
but,It’s not difficult just to ask questions。
“Come,Tell me everything in this world of stars,Start with yourself。”
Although the control is very rigid,But Li Ming can still order,Let the goatee old man answer honestly。
“the host,My name is Ye Ye,Is the leader of the Pei Ye family。”Goatee old man starts to explain without emotion。
“We ye ye family,Is one of the middle family,Under the command of the Yihe family among the nine great families。。。”
This said,A full quarter of an hour,Li Ming and Da Mo Daojun also fully understand the division of forces in the world in this star.。